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BOG RUINS The bog is an evil place of chill mists and wan sunlight against the edge of the East Downs which rise steeply beyond it. The Willowborne flows from underground springs, southward, and its waters turn dark and foul-smelling as it twists through the bog. Mossy stone blocks and broken columns half buried in the muck mark the site of an ancient shrine to some dark and forgotten god. At Willowborne Bridge the stream falls over moss-covered boulders to the lower level of the Fens before joining the Whispering River.

BROKEN TOWER Located on a steep headland above the Lake, this old watch and signal tower is an empty stone shell, often used by travelers as shelter in foul weather. The ground around it is blasted and barren, and legend has it that a magical duel was fought here which caused the tower's destruction.

CAVE OF SKULLS This small complex of limestone passages and caves burrows into the cliffs just south of where the Stonefallen River tumbles from higher ground. Long ago it was a goblin lair, and over the years it has been inhabited by beasts, lesser monsters, bandits and outlaws - none of which remained for long. Far too many Adventurers pass through the area looking for something to do. Whatever treasures might have been hidden there have long since been looted. However no one knows how far the passages run and rumors persist of hidden chambers yet to be discovered.

DRAGON FIELD A long, level pasture lying along the Torfallen River, crossed by the King's Road over a low stone bridge. The field is used by local shepherds and, upon occasion, by armies encamping near the Tor. A large area west of the bridge is barren and blackened. Here, the Ranger Sparrowhawk, the mage Eldane and several others fought a red dragon from the North that had attacked the Olde Inn.

EAST DOWNS The land rises slightly eastward from the Whispering River, grassy and treeless, prime grazing for local sheep herders. Just beyond the line of the Willowborne, it climbs steeply (some 200 feet) to an uneven plateau, broken by bare granite outcroppings and cut by small seasonal streams, which extends some two days ride to the east. Sheep are grazed here, too, but never overnight. In Winter, the Downs are a snow-covered wasteland scoured by howling winds and roamed by wolves.

ELDERWOOD This ancient hardwood forest along the edge of the Gondish Hills was once the elven realm of Noldar. When the Elder Race withdrew, they gave the wood over to the protection of the King of Anglamar. No one may cut the trees there for timber or clear the forest for dwellings or farms. The forest is popularly believed to be a place of magic, haunted by spirits and trees that speak and move. Lansalon, The Green Mage, roams Elderwood and serves as its protector ... The Olde Oak is a towering, thousand-year-old tree in the midst of a grassy clearing. Regardless of the season, the Oak is ever green and there is Spring beneath its wide spread branches. Evil creatures may not enter there.

ELVEN STANDING STONE On the lower height south of 'Hawk's Ridge is a ten-foot granite menhiir carved with the six-pointed star and elvish script, marking the eastern extend of the old elven realm of Noldar. It is a place of Power, easily detectable out to a hundred long paces. From the stone, at midnight on High Summer each year, blue-white Ithras the Elven Star can be seen blazing above Travelers' Tor to the northeast (the star forms the point of the arrow in the bow of the constellation called The Hunter).

FENS Here, the Willowborne meets the Whispering River in a cold weather marsh. Giant willows rise above the murky flow and water birds are thick among the reeds.

HAMLING South of the Olde Inn, at the edge of Elderwood and the bank of the Whispering River, is a rustic village where ancient trees grow untouched among thatch-roofed cottages. Though most folk are simple farmers, the town is considered somewhat "odd." Proportionally, there are more fortune-tellers, nature healers, moon-watchers and minor mages here than anywhere in Anglamar. Among them is the seeress Broghna, a friend of the Green Mage Lansalon and Gault, proprietor of the Olde Inn ... The only public house in Hamling is the Whispering Oak, a many-storied inn and tavern built around an ancient oak tree in the center of town.

HAWK'S RIDGE Rising steeply between Whispering Vale and Elderwood is a rocky ridge covered by sparse grass and scattered, wind-bent trees. Its south-reaching arm is cut by a narrow gorge ... The old camp above Whispering Vale is where the Northern Rangers made their base during the so-called Ranger-Drow War, five years ago. On the lower rise to the south is the Elven Standing Stone.

HOUSE OF THE MOON This shrine to the Goddess has existed longer than even the Olde Inn. Standing on a hill at the edge of Elderwood, its high-pitched circular roof can be seen from the King's Road West, Travelers' Tor and the height of 'Hawk's Ridge. It is a place of healing, recovery and meditation and a sanctuary from evil. The place possesses a magical aura and seems to glow at night with pale moonlight. The building and the area around it out to 100 paces are holy ground; undead and other creatures of chaos cannot approach it. Traditionally, there has always been a High Priestess of the Goddess presiding here. But, none has existed since Namarah Silverbrow passed away five Winters ago. No one has tended the place since, though worshipers still come on Holy Days (on the Sring and Autumn equinox). The place is protected only by the Power of the Goddess.

KING'S ROAD Anglamar is connected by a network of stone-paved and packed earth roads and stone bridges, linking all of the major market places (except in the Eastmark and Northern Marches). Though considered Royal property, the Road is required to be maintained by the nobles who�s lands it crosses. Willful destruction of the roads or bridges is a violation of the King�s Law ... In the Gondish Hills, the Road crosses east to west, passing between the Olde Inn and the Lake, and branches south to Hamling and, eventually, Westhaven on the coast. Where it passes through old forest just south of the broken tower, the Road has been overgrown and neglected, making it unnavigable to wagons. This stretch is bypassed by the Twain Road ... The ruins on the King's Road West are of an ancient keep, little more than a broken wall and square tower who's upper floors have collapsed. Beneath it are underground passages and chambers that have been thoroughly explored and looted of anything valuable. Occasionally, monsters take up residence there, providing opportunities for itinerant adventurers to go dungeoneering.

SHADOW SPRING Rising from the depths of Elderwood in a rocky, crystalline pool, the spring is shaded by ancient trees. It is a place of subtle Power and unnatural quiet where strange sylvan creatures are rumored to gather and drink. The Shadowborne flows from it through dense forest to join the Whispering River.

TRADERS' CAMP During trade season (early Summer to mid-Autumn), merchant caravans move constantly back and forth over the King's Road. On this sloping field south of the Lake, traders park their wagons and graze their oxen and horses on the course grass. Locals come here to trade, and the traders visit the Olde Inn to refresh themselves and socialize. At the height of the season, there can be as many as twenty wagons and 100 traders encamped here.

TRAVELERS' TOR This lonely mountain rises some 2000 feet above the Gondish Hills. Its treeless flanks are climbable and horses can navigate its northern face. The Torfallen rises from a crystal spring halfway up the mountain, cascading over rocks to the forest below. The Tor's rounded crown is barren, save for lichen and tough grass, and scattered with the ruins of a pre-Kothic stone circle. The weathered gray pillars and capstones are carved with ancient runes ... According to local legend, there are ancient passages and chambers within the Tor, treasure vaults and the burial places of a lost race, all warded by deadly traps and undead guardians.

WHISPERING VALE Where the Whispering River flows between 'Hawk's Ridge and the edge of the East Downs is a narrow forested valley. It is an extension of Elderwood, grown with ancient oaks, elms and maples (many of them hundreds of years old). There is a remnant of elven magic here, making the Vale a place of eerie strangeness, and local folk avoid it ... Near the foot of 'Hawk's Ridge is an open clearing of dead trees and blasted earth. Here, five years ago, a battle was fought between the Northern Rangers with their adventurer allies and drow invaders from the Underdark. Nothing grows there to this day.



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