The Sea Stallion sails north.


An archive of current events and rumors in the World of Mythandar©, updated regularly for new Players wishing to join in and current Players needing to catch up.

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  • Sir Aldumar of Aragond has arrived at Northinghall with a force of some 200 men to take command of the Northern Marches. In lue of a ruling baron, Sir Aldumar has been named Warder of the Marches, charged by the King to organize the frontier defenses and see to the protection of the people. He has also been given the authority of a Royal Justiciar and will see to the apprehension and punishment of outlaws and brigands who have begun to congregate along the frontier ... The folk of Northinghall, having had poor experiences with the nobility in the past, are said to have greeted the Lord Warder's arrival with reserve. He will have to earn their trust.
         Once the situation in Northinghall has been attended, Sir Aldumar has announce his intent to meet with personages from throughout the Marches, to hear their grievances and concerns and determine how best to deal with them. He has sent word to Highsaddle that he intends to visit the town in two weeks time.
  • Several mages in Anglamar have gone missing since just before the New Year - notably, Raven of Greymantle and Silas Varale of Westhaven ... As of yet, there is still no word on the fate of either mage. Falkard, Arch-Mage of the Order of the Blue Star in Westhaven, has assured the Lord Mayor that the the matter is being investigated and that the Order stands ready, as always, to aid in the peace and security of the city.
  • The Sea Stallion, war-carrack of the Duke of Arandor, has departed on its annual cruise northward. The ship, commanded by Lady Captain Elthia, has made port at Westhaven and is scheduled to depart for Beregond within the week.
  • Travelers are warned that orcish raids continue in the Eastmark as warbands wander the forestlands as far south as Greyshadow Mountain. As of yet, none have been encountered along the Forest Road or within a day's march of Eastinghold. However, Baron Waldief's soldiers, bolstered by new recruits, remain vigilant and the Lord Sheriff's foresters mount regular patrols along the road to Greymantle and the east bank of the Anduril northward where there are many farmsteads. Elsewise, the Spring rains continue ...

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    The Baron of the West, in response to the recent events in Hamling, has dispatched Sir Marish and a force of twenty men-at-arms to that northern village. They have arrived, with the task of investigating the activities of the Swords of Beregond there over the Winter, and to reassure the people that their lord is attentive to their well-being. The Baron's troops have established a camp south of the town and Hamling Bridge, which spans the Whispering River, so as not to disrupt the town. They will remain throughout the Spring and into Summer ... The Lord Baron has also sent a larger force of knights and men-at-arms to Whispering Bridge on the King's Road west of Hamling where, it is rumored, a large number of Beregond troops have been encamped for many weeks. His Lordship has sent a formal writ of complaint to Gondaran regarding the encroachment of Beregond upon his lands during the Winter and protesting the pursuit of warrants against his subjects by agents of the Baron of Beregond.

  • Persons in the uniform of Beregond or serving as official agents of the Baron of Beregond are now forbidden to cross into the Barony of the West, unless granted permission to do so by the baron himself, at Aquilore Castle.
  • The bounty offered by Beregond for the apprehension of Northern Rangers has been ruled unlawful on Westhaven lands and anyone engaged in that activity will answer to the Baron's justice.
  • By order of the Baron, the Northern Ranger known as Sparrowhawk and his companion (described as a barbaric woman with flaming red hair), if and when they return to the barony, are to report to Sir Marish at Hamling for the purpose of giving statements concerning the events there and along the Merchants' Road eastward. The bodies of several Swords of Beregond have been discovered between Hamling and the Gondish Hills and they were apparently slain in battle. Any of the inhabitants of Hamling or the surrounding area are ordered to report knowledge of the pair's whereabouts to Sir Marish as well ...

    The army of Beregond, rumored to number over 500 knights and men-at-arms, remains encamped on Beregond's eastern border at the edge of the Gondish Hills. Officially, the troops are engaged in training maneuvers ... According to rumor, the commanders are concerned over the mysterious and violent deaths of at least 15 men-at-arms and mounted couriers outside the camp and along the King's Road westward. Evidently, there is a "trail of dead Swords" leading from the Gondish Hills to the city of Beregond, and Lord Commander Orlonde is distressed that a number of important dispatches from himself to the Baron have not arrived.

  • In Beregond, the weather remains foul with daily rain storms off the sea. Ships have begun to arrive from Westhaven for trade and Kordane's metalworks are constantly busy, filling the city streets with the ring of hammers and soot from blazing forges.

    STORM SEASON: A Saga of Nordland
    Spring srorms have swept in from the western ocean and the first ships of trade have reached Viksted on the northernmost of the Storm Isles. Rurik, second son of Rolf, lord of Rune Isle, has made port with the dragonship Bloodraven and escorting two loaded trade ships ... Urveld Trollslayer, the aged lord of Viksted, still lingers, though the old chief's priest has affirmed that he will pass to Valkan's Hall before the new moon. Rurik's sudden arrival is taken as the opening move in the drama to decide the next ruler of Nordland's southernmost hold.

    The dragonship Stormrider, escorting three knorrs (cargo ships) loaded with northern timber for trade, has departed Thunder Bay. The small fleet, commanded by the famed adventurer Thars Bloodaxe, is expected to make Beregond within a week, if good weather holds (though fishermen out of Beren Bay are reporting heavy seas and ice-cold fog along the coast north) ...

    Adventurers continue to flock to Long Lake where a mysterious person, known as the Gaffer, possesses a supposed map to the lost Tomb of Karse within Greyshadow Mountain. Thus far, no one has managed to appropriate the map from its owner, by purchase or otherwise, though there have been several failed attempts at thievery and at least one large-scale brawl involving rival adventuring parties (a wooden walkway between the warehouse of Ketelmer the fish-trader and Olan's Leatherworks collapsed during the fracas and several people were lost in the surging floodwaters below)...

    The expedition of Lord Aedn, has departed Arandor city and is on its way eastward. The Duke's son, with some 300 armed men (including eleven Knights of Arandor), merchants and dozens of hireling adventurers, has camped at Immerdeen and is expected to reach Sunrise Pass within a tenday. Afterward, the force will pass through Emperors' Gate and enter the unknown vastness of the Storm Giant Mountains, seeking a route southward to the Inner Sea. There is still time and opportunity for adventurers to join the expedition at Imeerdeen.

    In Westhaven, the mage Silas Varale of the Order of the Blue Star has mysteriously disappeared. His tower residence in the Merchant's Quarter has been closed and sealed by Falkard, Arch-Mage of the Order, with no explanation of Varale's fate. Inquiries by the Lord Mayor of Westhaven (since Silas was active in city affairs) have not shed light on the matter, nor upon the Order's ambivalence in the face of increased activity by the Shadowguild ... Those aware of history know that the Blue Star mages were instrumental in stamping out the Shadowguild a decade ago.

  • Regarding the latter, there have been a series of grisly murders of known thieves, scoundrels and snitches in the Docks Ward, all of them bearing the old mark of criminal retribution - their tongues or hands cut off and a silver moon placed in their mouths. The Lord Mayor has doubled patrols of the City Watch through the lower wards and increased scrutiny of known guild contacts. All of this is occurring at the time of Spring, when ships begin to arrive at Westhaven port from afar and the city's population increases by a third.