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The Olde Inn

The Olde Inn has stood for centuries at the foot of Travelers' Tor in the northern Gondish Hills. It stands on uneven ground, surrounded by rocky, forested hills. Below it, the King's Road crosses the highlands, connecting the Capitol to the western lowlands. The Road leads west to the coastal city of Beregond, and south, following the Whispering River to the village of Hamling, a journey of some few miles. Below the Inn lies a small highland lake, fed by clear streams, which freezes over in Winter. Traders pass in Summer, camp their wagons nearby for several weeks to trade with the locals. The Highlanders themselves visit the Inn year round.

The Inn itself is a large, rambling structure of old gray stone and high-pitched slat shingle roofs, easily the size of a minor noble's keep. It is actually three buildings and a large square tower connected horseshoe-wise and surrounded by a low stone wall in some disrepair. An arched gateway opens upon a courtyard with an ancient well at its center. Above the twin oak doors which lead to the common room hangs a rought iron lantern and a polished wood plaque bearing four symbols - a four-pointed bronze star, golden gryphon, blue pentagram, and double crescent moon.

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Gault GAULT, a grizzled old dwarf broad as he is tall, runs the place and has for at least a century. His services are fair, the rooms sparse but clean, the food good and the drinks strong and plentiful. There is always a roaring fire in the common room, boar or venison on the roasting spit, and a welcome to anyone with coin. DANYA HALFELVEN tends the customers with a quick eye and a sharp tongue, aided by the young widow GILLY, as well as the occasional part-timer. DAMERON VEY serves as the Inn's mage-in-residence, charged with keeping an eye on the Inn's magical defenses and providing magical aid when needed. The doughty MAELWYN runs the kitchen*. Her spiced stews and sweetcakes are famous. DUB the Blacksmith works the farrier's bench and tends the stable, along with a local lad, CYNEC, who's pet mastiff is nearly the size of a horse. A handful of regular patrons come and go with the seasons or their fortunes.

* "Mael" has been absent since the Summer, tending to her daughter's family in Anglehelm. Her return to the kitchen is greatly anticipated.

Dameron Gilly The Olde Inn has been a waystop for weary travelers for as long as anyone can recall, a meeting place for adventurers and a refuge for some. It is considered neutral ground in the ongoing feuds between various factions - knights and peasants drink here, swordsmen rub elbows with mages, moon elves and drow have been known to inhabit the place at the same time (save when the Northern Rangers are around). This is a policy strictly enforced by Gault and patrons can find themselves quickly ejected from the premises for violating it. Occasional brawls do happen between individuals, but pitched battles between armed bands are forbidden - as are magical duels between mages and priests. Gault has some resources which enable him to protect his property and the lives of his guests, including (so it's rumored) magical defenses that are part of the Inn itself ... The truth is that very rarely has he been challenged. The place is far more valuable as a refuge than a battleground.

The Olde Inn is the focal point for role-playing in Adventures in Mythandar. However, many other locations are available for role-play. The Kingdom of Anglamar and neigboring lands is a large and diverse area and most of the important locations are detailed. There are basically three ways to introduce a Character to Mythandar in general, and the Olde Inn in particular:

NORMAL TRAVEL. A character may be a native of Mythandar and thus arrive at the Inn on foot, horseback or by wagon. The King's Road, which links the major cities and towns of Anglamar, connects the Inn to the fortress-city of Beregond, the capitol at Gondaran, and the great seaport of Westhaven. Of course, cross-country travel is an option.

TELEPORTATION allows instantaneous travel from one point to another within the World of Mythandar (distance limited by the Power level of the spell-caster). However, the Olde Inn's wards (see below) prevent Cs from teleporting into or out of the structure.

FROM ELSEWHERE, meaning another world or plane, via the magical gate beneath the Olde Inn. Inter-planar travel requires the use of a Gate, which are rare and powerful artifacts in Mythandar. A Gate to and from another world cannot simply be created by a spell, walked through and then dispersed. Gates are relatively permanent features that may be opened and utilized by those with the Power and skill to do so. In the area of the Olde Inn, there is a single permanent Gate, located in an ancient chamber deep beneath the common room. Anyone traveling to the Inn from Elsewhere via a Gate will appear in the Gate Chamber ... Remember to sign the Guest Book in the Olde Tower basement on your way up.

**Players, please do not create your own Gates.**

Outsiders will find that the Inn is a place were strange visitors from other worlds are regarded as, if not common, at least a curiosity. No one will run screaming at the appearance of a lingerie model, a 17th Century pirate, or a superhero in spandex (though the latter will likely be the focus of some rude humor). The proprietor, Gault, is someone who can honestly claim to have seen it all. However, keep in mind that there are prejudices in this world. An orc, demon, intelligent dinosaur or three-eyed purple octopoid from Rigel VII will likely clear the place out or be attacked on sight ...

Welcome Remember that, in Mythandar, magic trumps all. Technology (firearms, electronics, laser weapons) do not function in this world, nor do "super powers." Psionic abilities are limited to mindspeak (telepathy), psychic sensitivity and other basic abilities. If it requires magic to perform in Mythandar, non-magical means do not work.

The Olde Inn is well protected against powerful and destructive magics, including teleportation into and out of the structure itself (see above) and the unleashing of explosive Power within. This is evidenced by engraved lines in the stone floor of The Hall (common room) forming a great five-pointed star, which glows with somber blue light when the Wards are activated. These protections were put in place over a century ago by the combined efforts of several mages and it would require a great effort and use of Power to undo them.

  • Any attempt to teleport into the Inn will result in the caster being repelled and transported 100 miles away in a random direction. Attempts to teleport out are simply negated.
  • The unleashing of destructive magics - blasts of Power, fireballs or elemental spells - within the Inn are negated and their Power absorbed by the Wards, thus ensuring that they are strong enough to handle any type of spell (no Ice Blizzards or Firestorms Innside, sorry).
  • Summonings within the Inn go awry, resulting in the summoner being trapped within his or her own circle of protection.
  • In effect, any spell or magical power with a Power Level of Superior or greater will activate the Wards. Minor magics, such as charms, shields and cantrips, usually do not activate the wards, nor does the presence of most enchanted items.

    Combat and spell-slinging are allowed within the Inn and its environs. Those who engage in either should expect others to step in, if they have a reason to do so. Regulars (even NPCs) may want to prevent damage or injury to others - Keep in mind that a brawl inside a tavern will most likely bring third parties into the fight. Likewise boorish and offensive behavior can and will provoke reactions. Be prepared. This isn't RP interference, just RP interaction, and that is encouraged in the room.

    For general role-playing rules in Adventures in Mythandar.

    Basic Role-Playing for new Players and those interested.


    FIRST FLOOR AND GROUNDS                       SECOND FLOOR                             THIRD FLOOR
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        TOWER UPPER FLOORS                       BASEMENT LEVEL                                DEEP LEVEL
                                                                                                                               (Gate Chamber)

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           LOCAL AREA MAP                          HOUSE OF THE MOON
                                                              Temple of the Goddess

           https://www.dreamworldsonline.com/AIM/MYTHMap2.html                              http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w281/loremaker/HouseMoonLabeled.jpg            

                 BEREGOND                                   STORM HAVEN INN
    https://www.dreamworldsonline.com/AIM/MYTHMapBeregond.html                  http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w281/loremaker/StormHaven_Main.jpg

                  VIKSTED                                          VIKSTED HALL
                 Storm Isles
          https://www.dreamworldsonline.com/AIM/MYTHMapViksted.html                       http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w281/loremaker/GreatHall1.jpg

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