• Geography
  • Time in Mythandar

  • Thelron the Great - Lord of Gond (22) 1180-
    King of Anglamar (32) 1196-1209 (45)
  • Thelring I 1210-17
  • Thelgar I 1217-30
  • Othring I 1230-83
  • Othring II 1284-1317
  • Holmar 1317-45 (Long Winter)
  • Othred 1345-83
  • Olric - Duke of Arandor 1370-84
    King of Anglamar 1384-99
  • Thelgar II 1399-1415 (War of the Crowns)
  • Thelmar 1416-39 (North War)
  • Thelric the Young (17) 1439-55
  • Thelring II 1455-90
  • Thelgar III (36) 1490-

  • Edmun I - Prince of Anglamar
    Duke of Arandor 1350-70
  • Halan 1370-80
  • Olric 1380-84
    King of Anglamar 1384-99
  • Garold 1384-1437 (War of the Crowns)
  • Aedmer 1437-78
  • Edmun II 1478-

  • Haagon Dragonslayer - chief of Dragonsgard 1405
    King of Nordland 1406-39
  • Ragnor the Bold 1439-59
  • Lothar the Black 1460-62
  • Haarik Hornbearer 1462-


Events in the History of Anglamar and the West over the last 500 years. Dates are according to the old Imperial Calender of the Inner Sea Lands,
referred to in Anglamar as Imperial Reckoning.

800-1100 IR     The Dark Age: Kothic barbarians migrate into the West. They establish clan territories from the Andural valley to the Ice Reach. Gondaran, Beregond and Aragond are established as hillforts and trade towns.

1095 IR     Fall of the Empire of the Inner Sea: The Last Emperor, Velentes XIV, withdraws Imperial legions from the North.

1130 IR     Tel'Aland'andar (Alandar) is born in Ealdas.

1196-1197 IR     Founding of Anglamar: Thelron of Gond unites the Kothic clans and becomes the first King of Anglamar, establishing Gondaran as his capitol.

1251-1253 IR     Nordlanders raid the coast as far south as Arandor, occupy Beregond, sack and burn Westhaven. An army under King Othring drives them back to the sea.

1280 IR     Brund and Brom Stonereaver are born in Irongate.

1327 IR     The Arch-Mage Kyark battles the red-dragon Angyrax over Westhaven. The dragon’s fall into the harbor destroys the city docks.

1338-40 IR     The Long Winter: Massive orc invasions from the mountains. Stonegaard falls in the Dragonspines and the elven realm of Ealdas is destroyed. The Elves withdraw into Wildewood.
The Battle of Howling Hills and founding of the Dales by King Holmar and Buckleman the Boatwright.

1350 IR     Arandor becomes a duchy of Anglamar with Edmun, grandson of King Othred, as Duke.

1352 IR     The College of Bards is founded outside Immerdeen, in the Duchy of Arandor.

1355 IR     The Arch-mage Izander arrives from the East and becomes the Royal Wizard of Anglamar.

1386-1388 IR     Northinghall is established as a trading post north of the Winterborne River. King Olric claims the Northern Marches for Anglamar.

1398 IR     Izander disappears.

1400-1403 IR     The War of the Crowns in Anglamar: The Rebel King (Hedric, half-brother of King Thelgar II) raises an army in Beregond, takes Westhaven and lays siege to Aragond. Nordlanders sail up the Winterborne and invade northeastern Anglamar. A fleet from Arandor, commanded by Duke Garold, retakes Westhaven and blockades the North. King Thelgar rallies Loyalist forces at Gryphon Peak and, with the aid of Gondsmen, frontierfolk and elves from the Marches, defeats the Rebel King and his Nordlander allies at Battle Down. The rule of the House of Thelron is reestablished.

1405 IR     Haagon Dragonslayer defeats the Five Chieftains of Nordland and declares himself King at Dragonsgard.

1408 IR     Lord Alandar of Ealdas, Olwain of Gond and others establish the Northern Rangers.

1412 IR     Izander returns to Gondaran after journeying across the Western Ocean.

1429 IR     Naeruin-in'halas is born to Lady Nyeen eth'halanil in Wildewood.

1430 IR     Nordlander raiders establish Viksted on Kinnor in the Storm Isles.

1438-1440 IR     The North War:The Wizard-King invades Anglamar from the Far North. His hordes raze Kragmoor Keep and overrun the Weathermoors. The Battle of Gondaran and the death of King Thelmar. Thelric the Young is crowned King. The Company of the Sword sets out from Highsaddle through Runestone Pass, bound for the Citadel of Black Ice. Battle of Winter Gap, death of Izander and defeat of the Wizard-King.

1454 IR     Plot of the Black Monk to unseat King Thelric. The Royal Guard are disbanded and slaughtered at Battle Down by forces of the Baron of Beregond. The Knights of the Gryphon are established.
Prince Thelgar is born at Gondaran.

1455 IR     Death of King Thelric. Thelring II is crowned King of Anglamar.

1455 IR     Eleon Sandor (Eldane) is born in eastern Anglamar.
1456 IR     Dael Haramir's son is born on Kinnaran in the Storm Isles.
1457 IR     Thars Bloodaxe is born in Nordland.

1462 IR     Haarik Horn-bearer becomes King of Nordland.

1475 IR     The swordsman Mordanden declares war on the Shadow Guild in Westhaven. He slays the Shadowmaster and, with the aid of Falkard of the Blue Star, leads the city guard in driving the Guild from the city.

1482 IR     Prince Thelgar disappears from Gondaran. Taking the name Deren, he joins with others to form the adventuring Company of the Green Gryphon (along with the Rangers Sparrowhawk and Naeruin, the Nordlander Thars Bloodaxe, Eldane of the Blue Star, Brund Stonereaver, the bard Maera and others). Together they spend the next four years adventuring in the North and East.

1484 IR     The Company of the Green Gryphon explore Greyshadow Mountain. They discover the lair of the black-dragon Harassek and slay it. Deren and Sparrowhawk fight over possession of the enchanted sword Bloodoath.
Nordlanders establish a settlement at Thunder Bay.

1486 IR     The Company of the Green Gryphon disbands: Thelgar returns to Gondaran, Thars Bloodaxe and Sparrowhawk depart for Nordland. Maera settles in Highsaddle where she marries Harper Olwain (her son, Deren, is born before Mid-Winter). Brund returns to Irongate and Eldane remains in Greymantle.

1487 IR     Harper Olwain is arrested by Baron Horst of Northinghall. Maera and the Northern Rangers assault the Baron's Keep, rescue Harper and depose the Baron.

1488 IR     The “Ranger-Drow War”: A drow incursion near the Old Inn is thwarted by adventurers and Rangers led by Sparrowhawk.

1490 IR     Following Mid-Winter, King Thelring II dies after a year-long illness. Prince Thelgar is crowned Thelgar III, Thirteenth King of Anglamar ...