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MAGISTER'S WORKSHOP                                  EVENTS

NEW KINGS                                                                                                 NPCs

  • Check each game MONTH. There is a 5% chance each month, cumulative (10% the second month, 15% the third, etc.), reset to 5% when an Event occurs.

  • Roll 1 die for REGION:

    1-2               NorthWest
    3-4               NorthEast
    5-6               Inner Sea
    7-8               SouthWest
    9-10             SouthEast

  • Roll one die for 1-5 for AREA within Region.

  • Roll one die on the EVENT TABLE. Events are fairly generic and must be modified and adjusted to fit the current situation in each Region and Area. Repeating results are possible and not necessarily discarded. Magister's Discretion is the rule, keeping in mind that Player kingdoms should not be overwhelmed with multiple events when plausible alternatives are possible.

    1.          Adventurers
    2.          Cult
    3.          Death Strikes
    4.          Discovery
    5.          Doomsayer
    6.          Earthquake/Volcano/Weather
    7.          Fire
    8.          Monster Attack
    9.          Plague
    10.        Raiders

    ADVENTURERS draw attention to themselves in the kingdom or nearby:

    1-4 Cause a stir and spark rumors.
    5-8 Break the law in some manner, clash with local officials or troops.
    9-10 Activities cause a second event (roll a second event, disregarding this result).

    CULT A religious movement begins with tenets radically opposite of the prevailing belief. Message and practices stir unrest among the populace. The cult's influence spreads monthly from location to location, attracting followers. Overal Loyalty drops 5% each month.

    DEATH STRIKES A personage within the kingdom or nearby dies suddenly:

    1-2 Member of the Royal Family
    3-4 Member of the Royal Council
    5-8 One of the nobles.
    9-10 Some other personage associated with the kingdom ... Death of a foreign ambassador or agent could have repercussions.

    Cause of death:

    1-2 Natural (old age).
    3-4 Illness.
    5-6 Accident.
    7-8 Violence (duel, brawl, street crime).
    9-10 Mysterious circumstances.

    DISCOVERY A discovery is made in or near the kingdom, appropriate to the area and important to the kingdom (for good or ill). Magister's discretion. Examples: island, gold or gemstone deposit, legendary location (like a tomb), lost treasure hoard, powerful artifact.

    DOOMSAYER A prophet or seer appears, predicting doom or disaster and accompanied by the appropriate signs (astrological alignment, strange occurrences, a comet, etc.). Roll again for the event and 1-10 months before the event occurs. Mark on calender and keep track!

    EARTHQUAKE/VOLCANO Only in appropriate area. Damage is extensive in a region up to one map hex in size. Roll 1-10 for relative magnitude. Effects range from shaken buildings and minor damage to destroyed cities and tidal waves. Casualties can be in the thousands. Reduction in Tax revenue equal to magnitude x 5% (5-50%).

    WEATHER Severe, strange or catastrophic weather occurs, causing damage and disturbing the populace. Magnitude 1-10. Weather is appropriate to area, such as:

  • Severe storms or hurricane (at sea) accompanied by flooding.
  • Extended harsh winter (in the North), followed by floods and/or famine. Mountain passes remain blocked. Orc raids to follow?
  • Extreme heat and drought, followed by famine.
  • Thousand-year sandstorm (desert areas), buries habitations, etc.
  • FIRE destroys location within the kingdom. In a city or large town, will reduce Tax Revenue by 5%. In a rural location or forested area, fire can spread to threaten towns.

    MONSTER ATTACK a creature or creatures of legend appear and begin to wreak havoc. Giant, dragon, undead, etc. Note that dragon rampages are very rare, occuring out of wilderness areas. The beast must be disturbed (by Adventurers, for example) or summoned and controlled by a Wizard.

    PLAGUE Sickness spreads from a central location, doubling in size each month. After the first month, there is a 10% cumulative chance per month that Death Strikes (above). The plague runs for 1-10 months or until it is stopped by a High Priest or Archbishop. The death toll 100-1000 the first month, doubling each month thereafter.

    RAIDERS An enemy force from outside the kingdom crosses the border and attacks a town, city or rural area. They loot, pillage and take captives before withdrawing. If there are troops stationed in the location (standing or reserve), there will be a battle. The nature of the enemy is appropriate to the region - orcs, bandits, barbarians or nomads, pirates, an NPC kingdom, etc.). Loss of Tax Revenue is 5%-10%.

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